Clever Ways To Make Money With Your Car

A car is no longer just a car, in the gig economy.  It’s a whole new income stream. That doesn’t stop it from being a mode of transport for yourself and your family. You can still have that. The apps and opportunities, in the new gig economy, just allow you to do even more with your vehicle in its downtime. 

It’s not entirely cost free. There are essential expenses involved in extra use of your car. You will add mileage and increase wear and tear. So you may want to factor in a used car warranty and additional accident insurance. This prevents costly car repairs or road emergencies from eating into your profits.

With a little bit of creative thinking and with the help of technology, you can engage in reputable ways to earn money involving your vehicle. You can monetize the car sitting in your driveway. Ferry passengers around town with a ridesharing app or deliver packages. Since you spend so much on car payments and maintenance, you might as well turn it into an efficient money-making machine. Check out these clever ways to make money with your automobile.  

Offer Ridesharing

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to monetize your vehicle is to drive people. Take advantage of apps like Uber, Green Tomato, or Bolt to earn extra cash with your car. These apps certainly changed how the taxi system operated, allowing the average person to earn without owning a fleet of vehicles. More importantly, it provides an excellent service for people who don’t own cars. Lift sharing apps are available in most big cities, but they often don’t extend into smaller towns, so check out first whether a particular app operates in your area. If it is an option in your area, just a few clicks and you’ll be ready to fire up the app to check if anyone needs a lift. You can earn the base fare plus tips if the passengers are happy with your service. 

Food Delivery 

Sign up for DoorDash and Uber Eats to deliver food around town. You will earn a delivery fee plus tips from hungry, happy customers. Use it as a side hustle to your regular full-time job. It’s also a great alternative for temp or seasonal work. Food delivery proves to be a fast-growing service, so you can leverage that to create income-earning opportunities. With a bit of strategic planning like booking deliveries in advance, and not hovering in one spot, you can boost earning potential.

Grocery Delivery

Download a grocery delivery app like Instacart and sign up to shop and deliver groceries. Today, lots of people don’t want to leave their homes for mundane chores. Here’s where you come in! You can be a full-service shopper and shop for groceries on demand. Take orders, shop, then deliver with your car. Of course, you can work to fit your schedule. Alternatively, you can also be an in-store shopper and collect items that someone orders. You can enjoy shopping and picking things out, then call the client to pick them up. 

Turn the Car Into a Mobile Billboard

When you drive around a lot, especially in high-traffic areas, you can earn tons by allowing brands to advertise on your vehicle. For example, CarQuids connects you with the right advertisers, basing your route to promote to their target market. To optimise earnings, be as specific about your driving situation in your application. Also, rates vary based on the advertising options you choose. Fully wrapping your car with ads earns more versus just having a tiny rear window decal. The main requirements include a good driving record and background check. It would also help to have a used car warranty to assure advertisers your vehicle is well maintained and in no danger of conking out. 

Join Amazon Flex

Deliver Amazon parcels by joining Amazon Flex drivers program. It lives up to its name because you get a flexible schedule. Deliver packages from Amazon Restaurants, Amazon Fresh, and Amazon Prime. It works for midsize vehicles with at least four doors. The good news is you can earn more with a larger vehicle like an SUV or covered pickup truck because you can accommodate more packages. The job has an easy learning curve. You just get packages using the app, drop off the package to the delivery address, scan the barcode, and move on to the next delivery. If you live in an operating city like London, you can earn £13-15 an hour and get paid twice a week. Be your boss and set a schedule that complements your lifestyle.

Haul Various Things

When you possess a larger vehicle like a pickup truck or van, you can join Task Rabbit to haul and cart away people’s belongings. You could become a Tasker where people book your vehicle for deliveries at your convenience. However, you must not mind lifting heavy stuff because this same-day delivery platform takes pride in providing this kind of top-notch service. Hauling, delivery, and moving are Task Rabbit’s most sought-after services. 

Before, making money with your car seemed like a far-fetched idea. You can find many platforms to rake in extra money, thanks to technology. Whether you’re delivering parcels, offering rides, or purchasing groceries, you can have a solid income stream with your vehicle today.