How to promote your counselling or therapy business

promote counselling servicesWhen I was diagnosed with the chronic condition fibromyalgia I knew it was time to re-think my career as a therapist. I’d worked for many years in agencies and finally secured a job with a leading healthcare provider, however the demands were taking a toll on my health.

It was time to consider how I could make private practise work for me. I knew I was a good counsellor, but advertising and promoting the counselling service was a whole new skillset. Initially marketing was trial and error; some things worked and others fell flat. Eventually I was able to get a promotions plan in place that worked and I’ve established my counselling and therapy business.

So how does a therapist build a successful practise? What are the secrets? There is no magic formula but with a bit of hard work you can promote your practise and get referrals:

 1. Have a good website to promote your counselling services

There are may counsellor websites out there. They range from the ridiculous to the sublime. Be wary of companies offering outdated web template designs, it is not the 1970’s so yin yang and rainbow themes are best left in the past. Go for something that looks clean and professional. I have been very happy with Therapy Webgenie. Low-cost website builders like Wix can also be a good option if funds are tight, but avoid the free versions – it’s never a good idea to have external adverts on a therapy site or a suffixed domain, like – it never looks professional.  Similarly please don’t use pictures from your last holiday (yes really I have seen this on therapist websites) you need a good head and shoulders professional looking shot.

 2. Link up with local partners

Counsellors spend a lot of time networking with other counsellors. Whilst this is great it’s not going to necessarily help you get referrals in your local area. Form links with local businesses who work with people, twitter is a great way to start getting to know business owners in your area. Some businesses which it could be useful to link up with could be local nutritionists, osteopaths, reflexologists or other professionals which cannot provide counselling. The link up can be of mutual benefit, you can refer to them and they can refer to you.

3. Consider your unique selling point

There are tons of counsellors in the UK, what makes you different? What is your specialism? Bear in mind your audience may not be au fait with models of counselling but they will know if you are able to treat their problem. For example whilst I work with a wide range of issues I am also a specific addictions and LBGT therapist.

4. Spend your advertising budget wisely

Since I set up I’ve had countless calls from businesses who want to sell me advertising. Consider the cost and the real benefits to your practise before taking this out. A local reputable newspaper which is actually read is going to be far more valuable than junk mail which I know in my house goes straight into the bin. If you are getting business cards and off-line media printed, shop around don’t go for something that’s free if it’s poor quality. Most printers are happy to send out sample packs, take your time and get it looking good.

5. Enjoy what you do!

You’ve worked hard to get accredited. Now it’s up to you to market your skills, enthusiasm is infectious!


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3 Responses to How to promote your counselling or therapy business

  1. Christine January 30, 2016 at 11:18 am #

    Thanks for the tips Nikki. Guess I’ll need to change my site a bit here and there. I’m using the Adlerian approach.

  2. Jessica Rogwrs October 19, 2016 at 5:59 pm #

    Thanks Nikki. Useful tips. I am not good at self promotion, so finding making contacts with other health care providers difficult. You tips have reminded me that I may need to be more proactive

  3. Emma Westwell-White March 21, 2018 at 10:52 am #

    Hi Nikki, I just started online counselling, great tips I will take on board, thanks Nikki

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