The Best Overseas Property Investment Opportunities

building-1The property market has bounced back after the great crash. Over the long-term, even accounting for economic downturns, property is generally a solid investment, with excellent yields. If you are able to plan for that longer-term time frame, it could be a safe place for your money. 

The benefits of property investment are two-fold. You acquire a capital asset, which generally appreciates, providing a profit when you decide to sell. You also gain ongoing income from rental fees. The key is to find a property where values have increased steadily over the last few years and where there is a healthy level of demand for rentals.

Austrian ski resorts are a solid example of a property type that offers fantastic returns due to their desirability and the infrastructure already in place to manage them.

Why Are Austrian Ski Properties an Excellent Option?

The real estate market in Austria has been rising steadily for the last decade, compared to the United States market which crashed after 2005 and the Japanese market which has been in a slow decline for over twenty years. This indicates that the market prices in Austria will continue crawling upwards and thus remain a solid investment.

The Austrian ski property market has an average of 4 percent per annum capital growth, with a greater rent yield than standard investments and strong annual income. Investing in an Austrian ski property can be fairly hassle-free. Apartments are fully and tastefully furnished and full rental management deals are available. Rentals boost high occupancy rates: for the past few seasons there has been a supply shortage. The Austrian economy is expected to continue growing through the first half of 2014 and many are very optimistic about its future.

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