The Rise of the Mumpreneur [infographic]

If you are a mum of children under ten and reading this, then more than likely you are either already running your own business, or would like to.  As this infographic makes clear: you’re not alone. Most mums would love to work for themselves.

I’m writing this, at the kitchen table, with the doors open into the garden on a sunny day. My children have just rolled-in on their bikes back from school. Would I rather be in an office, facing a long commute home? Not likely! On days like today, it seems the very best of all worlds.

Of course it’s not all plain sailing. Working for yourself has as many challenges as it has rewards. (I hope the information and shared experiences on the Prowess website help you to  navigate some of those.) But overall, the rewards – which are about how we control our time as much as money – are worth it.  The infographic, produced by Direct Line for Business, lists the top 5 reasons mums are working from home and starting businesses. What’s yours? Share your experience and advice in the comments below.


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